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Friday, April 01, 2005


Would you wipe your bottom on this newspaper?

If you think the Daily Mail is bad now, you should see what its proprietor was saying in the 1930s.

Guardian reports on Lord Rothermere's correspondence with Hitler (see also this Daily Telegraph report on 1st March). The original documents were intercepted by MI6 and have been released today by the Foreign Office.

Rothermere to Hitler in June 1939:

"My Dear Führer, I have watched with understanding and interest the progress of your great and superhuman work in regenerating your country."
Rothermere had form. In 1934, he had come out in support of Oswald Mosley's National Union of Fascists, publishing an article in the Daily Mail titled 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts', which praised Mosley for "sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine".

The fact that 2.5 million people still buy this filthy rag naturally inhibits most politicians from saying what they really think of it.

When it all gets too much, I click on the
Daily Mail-o-matic.

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