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Friday, April 01, 2005


The only Lib Dem in the village

Oh dear. It looks like 'Chatshow Charlie' has done it again.

Just after the polls close on 5th May, BBC1 will be screening an 'election special' version of the popular comedy series
Little Britain. The show's stars, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, have persuaded Charles Kennedy to make a guest appearance in a sketch (which, thankfully, can't be shown until after voting ends, for reasons of 'balance').

Kennedy appears opposite
'Daffyd' ("the only gay in the village"), as Daffyd's Scottish cousin. The rumoured tartan rubber outfit doesn't bear thinking about.

Two thoughts occur. The first is that even Lembit Öpik wouldn't do this. The second is that, in this age of file-sharing, it would take only one rogue BBC employee to ensure that embarrassing pictures were splashed all over the tabloids during the campaign.

The resulting publicity may help the Liberal Democrats capture Islington South but would probably go down less well in some of the party's more rural seats.

I do hope this is an April 1st story
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