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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Tory Tory Tory

Today's Guardian reports that the Tories have asked the media not to call them 'Tories'.

The party's head of broadcasting, Michael Salter, has written to television channels urging them to refrain from using the label in their election coverage, at least in their first reference to the party.

"Just a quick thought," he wrote, "in the run-up to the general election is there any way people could call us Conservatives rather than Tories?
The Tories have been called 'Tories' for the best part of 400 years, long before the Tories became known more formally as 'Conservatives'. 'Tory' is a term the Tories have happily used themselves until now.

The fact that the Tories now regard the term 'Tory' as pejorative is indicative of a serious identity crisis among Tories, not to mention the utter desperation of the Tories.

So, 'Tories' it is, then.

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