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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Bring back metal dustbins

Following tonight's first episode of Doctor Who, I trust that all Liberal Democrat-controlled councils will be reviewing their policy on plastic wheelie bins.

I managed to locate Clive's website at http://www.whoisdoctorwho.co.uk/index1.shtml and the "Contact Clive" section lists the following interesting sighting:

"Outside Fettes College, Edinburgh, 1972. He was telling some longhaired teenager not to worry about being nicknamed 'Cynthia', and that he should stick with the school drama group. The man you call the doctor seemed quite keen to stress that a career in politics would be a big mistake. At first, I thought that the doctor meant it would be a big mistake for the young man...but he went off muttering something about 'global implications'. It seemed such a strange conversation, that I couldn't help eavesdropping, and I've often pondered it over the years. The thing that struck me most about it was that 'Cynthia' had such a stupid grin."
Metal dustbins? You must be joking. Far too easy for Daleks to disguise themselves;-)
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