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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Ooh Matron!

The BBC has published this handy guide to "2005's most over-used campaign clichés".

If you're the sort of political activist who discusses what "comes up" on "the doorstep" with "real people" from "hard-working families", then you're in need of a good slap.

Regarding the oft-used reference to "matron" as a panacea for MRSA, the BBC observes,

Not since Hattie Jacques' heyday have we heard so much about Matron - and it is precisely that "Carry On, Nurse" image of the formidable matriarch bearing down on an unsuspecting hospital ward that the politicians want you to think of when they use this word.
My own particular bugbear, not on the BBC's blacklist but heard at every gathering of Liberal Democrat activists, is the reference to one's local area as "my patch". The next time I hear some campaign bore use this phrase, I may not be responsible for my actions.

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