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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Mr Shifti and Mr Khruk

The new edition of Private Eye (15th April) is particularly good on the fraudulent behaviour of the Labour Party in Birmingham, with a number of reports, both serious and comic.

Among the latter is this brief report in St Albion Parish News:

Mr Prescott writes:

This is a note to informalise you about the new arrangingments for the forthcoming parish elections. Unlike in previous elections, you will no longer have to walk through the cold and pouring rain to the primary school and/or stop watching your favourite TV soap 'Desperate Vicars' Wives'!

This time, you don't even have to fill in the voting paper. Just send it to me in the post and our team of trained helpers, Mr Shifti and Mr Khruk, will do it all for you! Just send your voting paper to me: J.Prescott, The Working Men's Club, St Albion's, and in due course it will be submitted to our returning officer in full accordance with the law! J.P.
It would be funnier still if it weren't so close to the truth.

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