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Monday, April 11, 2005


Peter Hain - wine connoisseur

An interesting postscript to my posting yesterday regarding Peter Hain's attack on "dinner party critics who quaff shiraz or chardonnay".

Simon Hoggart demolished Hain comprehensively (and entertainingly) on Radio 4's Today programme this morning:

"I thought there was something oddly old-fashioned about his remarks... the idea that only snobs and rich people drink chardonnay and shiraz struck me in its way as being as outdated as the image of the man in the silk hat watering the workers' beer."
... and more revealingly...

"The last time I had a drink with him [Hain] in his office at the Commons, we enjoyed a very pleasant South African sauvignon blanc. He also has an exceedingly sharp eye for a refill, sharper I suspect than his eye for social, political and alcoholic change."
You can listen to the full interview here.

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