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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Lost in translation

Over on the MKNE blog, Edis Bevan has introduced a wonderful device - a Babel Fish translation engine, which enables you to translate instantly his entire blog into several different languages.

Once you are in the
French version of his blog, clicking on the links takes you to the French versions of other Liberal Democrat blogs. This opens up a fascinating parallel universe.

It turns out that my francophone alter ego runs a blog called
Le Dissident Libéral, where one can read his perspectives on Charles Kennedy (chef des démocrates libéraux).

He supplies links to other blogs intéressants libéraux. There is one written by a member of l'Assemblée du Pays de Galles,
Noir AM De Peter. Monsieur Jonathan Calder offers L'Angleterre Libérale (with a useful link to the Diary du Seigneur Bonkers - "satire libérale de Rutland"), and there is a blog from that distinguished peer and military man, Jardin de Tim. One may also click on Aucun geek n'est une île, not forgetting that well-known magazine le libérateur.

I am less sure about their German counterparts, such as
Peter Schwarzes Morgens or my doppelgänger Der Liberale Abweichler, although I am told that the magazine in Befreier is worth a read.

It causes more problems than that though, Simon. See

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