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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Plus ça change…

On this day in 1964, teenage Mods and Rockers were involved in a series of violent clashes in various south coast seaside resorts. What ever happened to the traditional British Whit weekend punch-up?

never-ending moral panic about teenagers always assumes that juvenile delinquency and rebellious fashion are new phenomena. Most people prefer fondly to recall an imaginary golden age. They forget that pretty much the same fears were being expressed in 1964 about Mods and Rockers as are now being expressed about hoodies - except that, in 1964, there were no calls to ban parkas or leather jackets.

The teenage Mods and Rockers who ran riot 41 years ago must now be in their late 50s. They are probably among those who now flock to Bluewater, relieved that they can shop without danger of seeing any rebellious-looking youths.

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