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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


How to polarise the country

The Tory campaign on immigration is certainly having an effect. It has succeeded in splitting the country into two distinct camps.

In today's
ITN poll round-up, Dr Paul Baines (Principal Lecturer in Marketing, Middlesex University, on secondment to the Political Unit, MORI Social Research Institute) reports:

"NOP's poll for the Independent shows that 38 per cent of all voters agree and 37 per cent disagree that 'the Conservatives are using immigration as an excuse to raise the issue of race' whilst only 19 per cent of Conservative voters agree and a whopping 65 per cent disagree with this statement."
Not an issue you can fudge, then. So I suggest the Liberal Democrats give up trying to pacify racist opinion - they're all voting Tory, UKIP or BNP anyway - and instead take an unashamed liberal stand to consolidate support in the opposing camp.

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