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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Whatever happened to Lib Dem Watch?

The anti-Lib Dem Liberal Democrat Watch site has provided some modest entertainment over the past year.

Though anonymous, it is allegedly sponsored by the trades union Amicus. Stories appeared almost daily until March, when they began to dry up, the last appearing on 27th March.

After two weeks of silence, a new posting on 12th April announced "Lib Dem Watch is back", apologising for the hiatus and promising a return to normal service. Since then, nothing.

One can only assume that, as part of Amicus's efforts to support New Labour's re-election campaign, maintaining the Lib Dem Watch site is a low priority.

Meanwhile, things are little better at the other 'watch' sites. Labour Watch has had no news since 12th April, while Tory Trouble has been silent since 14th April.

And I thought this was meant to be a negative campaign.

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