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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


"Hello! I'm at the cemetery"

This report from the Inquirer is a sign of the times:

Undertakers in Ireland are noticing that more people are requesting to be buried with their mobile phone.

The country has had a tradition of people being buried with some of their most treasured possessions probably as a continuation of some ancient pagan practice.

According to AFP, some ask that their mobiles be buried with them in case they are buried alive, they wake up and can phone for help. One funeral director reported how some insist the phone is turned off so that if they so wake up they will have battery power when the phone is turned on again.

Of course this assumes that the relatives have not shut off their contracts, their batteries are not run down and the signal reaches six feet under.

Families burying phones with their loved ones, are encouraged to either turn them off or switch them to silent or vibration alert.

After all nothing is worse than the priest saying "Ashes to Ashes" and suddenly Crazy Frog goes off in the casket. Or you get the latest cricket score.
Nothing is worse? I would have thought that the worst thing of all is leaving evidence for future archaeologists about the extent to which one's culture and preoccupations are vacuous and vapid.

An amusing piece, but isn´t that a high horse you're sat upon in the final paragraph.

There is an Ecuadoran saint who was probably buried alive in the grip of narcolepsy, (a friend tells me).

But she would not have been pumped full of preservatives etc...

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