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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


EU regulatory scandal

Normally I would yield to no-one among the Liberal Democrats in my support for European ideals.

But this time the EU has
gone too far.

(With thanks to
Guido Fawkes).

The Sun's online version of its story (linked in the main post) has now expired. In case you missed it, it read as follows:


BUSTY barmaids across Britain are putting on a united front after EU killjoys ordered them to cover their cleavages.

The Sun yesterday launched a Save Our Jugs campaign in a bid to throw out the dippy directive.

The po-faced pen-pushers claim low-cut tops are a health hazard as barmaids run a skin cancer risk when they go outside to serve and collect glasses.

But our barmaids wasted no time in slamming the petty-minded meddlers in Brussels.

Louise Pearson, 26, says looking sexy is part of her job and warned she would be out of pocket if she was forced to cover up.

Blonde Louise, who boasts a 34D cleavage, has been pulling pints at The Navigation in BARROW UPON SOAR, Leics, for six years.

She said: "They can't make people cover up. It's how we get tips. If I covered up I'd be skint!"

Tash Archdale reckons the EU should have more important things to deal with than barmaids' boobs.

The 28-year-old beauty has been pleasing punters at The Oak in London's trendy NOTTING HILL for two years.

Tash, a 30E, blasted: "With all that is going on in the world at the moment, I don't think this issue should be foremost in their minds."

Landlady Juli Austin runs the Breton Arms in PLYMOUTH, Devon. She reckons showing off her 34E cleavage adds to the seaside charm.

Cheeky Juli, 34, said: "Being in a seaside town, it's nice to show off in a low-cut top when we get a rare bit of sunshine."

Amy Beddis, 20, works in the Fresher And Professor, also in Plymouth. The 32D law graduate said: "The directive is stupid.

"I'm a confident person and wearing a low-cut top is part of my job and part of my character. I don't think I'm going to get skin cancer behind my bar."

The bonkers directive was also slammed by 32B barmaid Katy Bird, 20, and 34C Emma Collett, 23, in Plymouth pub The Skiving Scholar, as well as 36C Mariam Zangeneh, 24, at the Curve Bar in BRIGHTON.
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