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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Head up the arse syndrome

Because of the 'events' on London's tube on Thursday and Friday, this press release issued by Transport for London last Wednesday went largely unnoticed.

As London's transport network continues to return to normal, the system is still suffering large numbers of security alerts due to passengers leaving bags unattended.

London Underground staff are dealing with a staggering 250 unattended bags a day since the events of 7 July.

This has led to hundreds of security alerts on the Tube and bus network, resulting in services being delayed or cancelled and station evacuations.
250 a day? I could never understand the mentality of people who forgot bags on trains, tubes and buses in more peaceful times. But to do so now, given the heightened state of security and nervousness, simply beggars belief.

There are nine million journeys made on public transport each day in London. If someone made four journeys a day, five days a week, fifty two weeks of the year, for thirty four years, they would, approximately, be likely to lose one bag.

I am not sure that beggars belief.
What a marvellous excuse. I must remember to use it.

"Sorry I left an unattended package on the tube, but I've been commuting for 34 years, so it was statistically likely."
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