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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Physician heal thyself

The Liberal Democrats have, rightly, been strong opponents of the government's plan to introduce ID cards. However, it appears that no-one has informed the party's own conference staff.

The booking forms for passes for the party conference have been redesigned to be more invasive, to a degree that would make Charles Clarke proud.

I have just downloaded from the party's website the
registration form for an exhibitor's pass, in preparation for September's conference in Blackpool. It is reasonable to request contact details and to ask whether you've been to conference before. However:

Similar questions are not asked of delegates but, besides exhibitors, they are being asked of everyone else: diplomatic guests, journalists, media technicians, exhibition technicians, fringe event organisers, and commercial and NGO observers.

What next? Will the party's Cowley Street HQ be demanding iris scans?

The person responsible for designing these forms is either an authoritarian or an idiot. Whether the explanation is hypocrisy or merely irony, the party ought to be ashamed.

Submit a question to FCC :)
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