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Thursday, March 03, 2005


AWOL part 2

It turns out that it wasn't just Charles Kennedy who missed Monday night's Commons vote on the Prevention of Terrorism Bill.

Altogether 17 Liberal Democrat MPs were absent for the vote. Had they all been present and voted against the government, the government would have lost by three votes.

A missed opportunity and an utter disgrace.

PS: The guilty 17 are:

Richard Allan
John Barrett
Annette Brook
John Burnett
Patsy Calton
David Chidgey
Brian Cotter
Sue Doughty
Matthew Green
Charles Kennedy
Norman Lamb
David Laws
Paul Marsden
Andrew Stunell
Paul Tyler
Roger Williams
Richard Younger-Ross

The most disturbing part of this list is that it includes the Chief Whip. This indicates that the Parliamentary Party had effectively given up the ghost or that they had not considered it a priority. Such complacency is unforgiveable.
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