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Thursday, January 27, 2005


God moves in mysterious ways

Can anyone explain why the 'off' switch never seems to work on televisions belonging to devoutly religious people?

Earlier this month, thousands of Christian fundamentalists felt compelled to watch BBC2's screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera then complain about it, rather than watch something more to their taste or simply switch off.

It turns out this is not an isolated problem. The BBC
reports that a devout Baptist couple in Somerset bought what they thought was a Doris Day DVD for only £2.99 from a bargain bin at Safeways. Unfortunately, this DVD did not do what it says on the tin. Instead of The Pajama Game, the contents turned out to be an Italian sex film called Tettone che Passione, which translates as Breasts, What a Passion.

Now you may say that, unlike the TV screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera, the purchasers of this video were not forewarned. Indeed, the BBC reports,

The couple, regular attendees at their local Baptist church, settled down with a cup of tea to watch the 1957 musical which has a U (universal) certificate.
It quickly became evident that all was not well.

"Some topless young women appeared and started talking in Italian... it's not what you expect from a Doris Day film," Mr Leigh-Browne said. "It was a pretty raunchy, explicit film, it certainly pulled no punches."
Time to reach for the remote control and put a stop to this, you'd think. But no.

"My wife and I were very shocked but we watched it until the end because we couldn't believe what we were seeing."
A likely story.

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