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Sunday, October 17, 2004


Idiot Watch

I was amused to discover that an attack on this blog has come from the Labour Watch site, of all places. Labour Watch, ostensibly dedicated to revelations about the Labour Party, decided to post an 'off-topic' reference to my earlier posting All things to all men.

Sadly, my critic has made three mistakes. First, you'd think anyone running 'Labour Watch' has enough on his hands without bothering with me. Second, he failed to spot my deliberate irony (he's not American, is he?). And third, he has inadvertently revealed that he is a Tory.

Being an idiot and a Tory are not mutually exclusive positions - the Tories are not known as the 'Stupid Party' for nothing.

In the spirit of political ecumenicalism, I shall continue to list on this blog a link to Labour Watch - until a more intelligent person starts a more credible alternative.

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